Amazon Prime: the series “The Wilds” is back for season 2!


To the delight of “The Wilds” fans, Amazon Prime has decided to order a second season. That’s very good news !

This is the new series of the moment: The Wilds. Available on Amazon Prime, this series tells the story of a group of nine young women. They find themselves stranded on a desert island after their plane crashes.

They will have to live together, help each other and do everything to survive. One thing is certain, The Wilds has become the addicting new series. Several stars are promoting it on social networks.

This is particularly the case of the former Miss France and Miss Universe: Iris Mittenaere. Sportswoman Juju Fitcats also seems to be on The Wilds. Amazon Prime has just announced some very good news about the series.

Indeed, the platform has decided to make a season 2. It must be said that the end of season 1 left plenty of possibilities about the rest of the series. Some want to know more about the Twilight of Adam project.


Others are wondering about “phase 2”. If so far several questions have not been answered, Amazon Prime will finally clear things up about The Wilds. Showrunner Amy B. Harris is sure to be happy.

Before the confirmation of season 2 of The Wilds, the young woman had confided: “I think we offered a great cliffhanger to the viewers. And, I hope, authentic characters that they want to get involved in. ”

She also added: “So we really hope to have a second season. But that’s for the streaming gods to decide. ” Now she can have a blast for the rest of the series.

It will still take some patience to find out more. One thing’s for sure, the fans can’t wait to see the girls again. To be continued!


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