Amazon Prime: The “Invincible” comic is coming animated!


Amazon Prime offers a new trailer for its next cartoon. Indeed, Jeff Bezos’ platform will adapt the “Invicible” comic!

There is something new to Amazon Prime superheroes. Thus, the video on demand offer will adapt a whole new cartoon. This one is taken from a comic book that we owe to the director of a series and not least: The Walking Dead. The comic strip is called Invincible.

As usual, Amazon Prime is expanding its video offering for the coming month. After adapting a number of superhero series, she embarks on a whole different project.

Earlier, series fans were able to discover the nugget The Boys. So this time around, it’s not a live-action series.

No no, the SVoD platform decided to adapt a comic of a different kind. This is a series called “Invincible”, known to fans of Robert Kirkman.

Robert Kirkman is the originator of a series that you are probably a fan of. We are of course talking about the Walking Dead, this zombie show that still has its die-hards.

Amazon Prime will therefore delight us with an animated adaptation of the adventures of Invincible. This comic book hero will therefore have the right to his own show, to occupy your evenings.

Amazon Prime: the comic book “Invincible” finally arrives in animated version!


In this story signed by Amazon Prime, adapted from Kirkman’s graphic novel, we follow the adventures of Mark Grayson. Grayson … Doesn’t that name remind you of someone’s name?

So this Mark surely has nothing to do with Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing or Robin, Batman’s sidekick. This is none other than the son of Omni-Man.

Omni-Man is therefore the most powerful hero of his generation, just that. How to live in the shadow of such a powerful father, you say?

The latter, voiced by Steven Yeun of Walking Dead, will have a hard time. He would still have to master his powers, which is not easy.

On the side of the original version, many well-known faces will lend their way. Among them, Mark Hamill and of course Sandra Oh, actress of Grey’s Anatomy and Killing Eve.

The three episodes will land on March 26, so you will have to wait a bit. Finally, you should discover an episode every week after this first burst.

Amazon Prime will therefore opt for a hero or rather an endearing anti-hero, far from those offered by DC and Marvel, although the caricature does not seem far away.

We hope that this show will be just as addicting as The Boys, which received critical acclaim. So we just have to wait for what Jeff Bezos’s platform has to offer us with Invincible. To be continued …


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