Amazon Prime: the 10 best movies of the moment

Amazon Prime is often shunned by most Netflix users. Still, some movies are worth going there. You do not know what to watch tonight ? That’s good this article is made for that. We give you the top 10 movies to watch on Amazon Prime. So if you want to switch up Netflix a bit, now is the time! Now is the time for change.

The platform is a little under-side. It must be said that there is not the same choice as on Netflix. But some films are worth seeing. We think in particular of the new film Borat. This one infiltrates the pro Trump’s and mocks them. Plus, a little review on the pandemic.

In short, as usual a quirky and hilarious film for those who like the third degree! If you’re more of a thriller, you’ll like “I’m Your Woman”. This then plunges us into the 70s when a woman and her son are on the run.

They are thus trying to escape a murderous husband. Thrills guaranteed with this Amazon Prime movie. In a softer style you will find “The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle”. A young girl invents eleven different lives which she describes in a notebook.


In this Amazon Prime movie, the young girl wonders about coming out of her cocoon. In a more “dark” style we find Selah and the pikes. The story takes place in a boarding school. And the plot? Find an heir to lead the drug empire.

In another style, find one of the first Amazon Prime films. Her name ? Manchester by the sea. Lots of emotions in the storytelling. Quite simply the story of a man. He then becomes guardian of his nephew after an accident.

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In short, if some shun the platform a little, some pretty films are to be discovered. And for those who prefer the classics you can also find Love Actually or the Kingsman. Something to please the whole family!



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