Amazon Prime: must-see movies in January 2021


To the delight of millions of users, Amazon Prime has just unveiled its program for the start of 2021. Amazon Prime is preparing for the start of the school year! Not long ago, the very famous streaming platform therefore revealed the program for the start of 2021.

Curfews, bad weather and school holidays are all good reasons to stay at home to watch a good movie, or the latest trending series of the moment.

Netflix, Disney +, or even Amazon Prime, the streaming platforms to offer an ever richer content catalog are no longer counting.

The last cited thus prepares the start of the new school year with films, documentaries and series not to be missed. For adults and children, there is something for everyone!

The little ones will then have the opportunity to discover the first seasons of Calimero, Grabouillon and Oum the white dolphin. What to have a good time.

For older children, the choice is even wider! Amazon Prime didn’t do things by halves …


We’re getting off to a good start with the arrival of season 3 of American Gods, available January 11 on Amazon Prime. Yes, you did hear!

Special Victims Unit seasons 11, 12 and 13 also land alongside South Park season 23. Just that !

On January 22, 2021, Jessy & Nessy and Star Trek Lower Decks will also join the platform catalog.

On the film side, we find the very famous 120 beats per minute. But also 13 Hours, Ghost, Gone Girl and The Addams Family.

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You will have probably understood it, so there is a lot of choice! We let you discover the rest of the Amazon Prime announcements right here.


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