Amazon Prime: “L’Internat Las Cumbres” is on sale!


Amazon Prime has just released a whole new series. Subscribers can discover L’Internat Las Cumbres, a horror series.

Amazon Prime has recently focused on Spanish series. Thus, subscribers can discover a brand new show called L’Internat Las Cumbres. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Spanish series are very successful on the platforms. A few years ago, Netflix unveiled La Casa de Papel and the success was immediate. Fans are eagerly awaiting the final season. Then, she also put Elite or Sky Rojo online. Amazon Prime therefore seems to want to do the same.

The platform has understood that the Spanish series are of interest to fans. So, in order to compete with Netflix, she chose to launch a whole new series. Since Friday, February 19, Amazon has unveiled the eight episodes of the first season of The Boarding School: Las Cumbres.

But what is this new series about? Amazon Prime wants to attract young people as much as possible. Thus, The Boarding School: Las Cumbres features teenagers in a boarding school called Las Cumbres. Nevertheless, the episodes are violent as well as very dark. And for good reason, young heroes face a very strict education.

As echoes Le Parisien, teachers mistreat teens. Thus, some end up with a shaved head for using their phones. Still others are locked in dungeons for several days for fighting. The series is therefore for an informed public.

Amazon Prime: the Spanish series “L’Internat Las Cumbres” finally available!


However, the new Amazon Prime series is also meant to be horrifying. As our colleagues explain, strange things are happening in high school. Students feel evil presences within the school. However, the show seems to have been a huge success in Spain.

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Fans may well recognize a few aspects of this new series. Indeed, in France, the public could see his remake “The Boarding School” 2009 broadcast at the time on M6. The series had only had ten episodes since viewers weren’t there, echoes Le Parisien.

So why could The Boarding School: Las Cumbres be successful on Amazon Prime? Horror series featuring young people are in vogue right now. Then, the public could especially fall for its atmosphere. And for good reason, the institute is all in stone and could be somewhat inspired by Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.

Then, the audience will mostly meet the young heroes and very quickly become attached to them. Indeed, they only dream of freedom and are ready to do anything to be able to escape from the boarding school. On the casting side, Elite fans will have the chance to meet Mina El Hamman. She’s going to put herself in the shoes of a science teacher. As of yet, the channel has not announced a season 2.


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