Amazon Prime is making fun of “The Wheel of Time”!


Amazon Prime unveils the teaser for its upcoming new series The Wheel of Time! We give you more details. Amazon Prime unveils a short teaser of its new series The Wheel of Time!

The Wheel of Time, is therefore the new upcoming series of the streaming platform. Based on Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, this is a fantasy series.

It must be said that this kind of series has been more and more successful for some time! And that, Amazon Prime has understood.

It is therefore only natural that the streaming giant will offer a new series of this kind. In fact, we’ve been waiting for a long time.

However, the project was delayed several times and for multiple reasons. Indeed, the filming which had started well had to be interrupted because of the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Without surprise !

In fact, several shoots have been stopped because of the coronavirus. But after completely frozen activities, the world of cinema seems to be recovering a bit.

As a result, the shooting of the new Amazon Prime series was able to resume. Better yet, it looks like it’s totally done! That’s a good news.

But the subscribers of the platform are not about to discover this new original series. But the streaming giant still unveiled some images. History to make them wait a little bit! We tell you more about The Wheel of time.

Amazon Prime teases the release of the series “The Wheel of Time”!


Last November, Amazon Prime already unveiled a first teaser of The Wheel of Time. Lately, the streaming giant has decided to please its many subscribers.

Thus, on social networks, we were able to discover a second extract from the teaser of the upcoming series. So yes, it only lasts 14 seconds. But obviously that was enough to make fans want to see the rest!

In fact, the short clip on the series’s official Twitter account garnered over 120,000 views! Just that.

In this short video from the Amazon Prime series, we see what appears to be Shadar Logoth’s Dagger. We also see a huge ruby ​​that condemns its wearer to corruption!

In the saga, the character Matrim Cauthon obtains the dagger in the cursed city of Shadar Logoth. Besides, he manages to negotiate it with Mordeth, the last survivor of the place!

Matrim will therefore have to keep the object or die. While remaining aware that retaining it condemns it to be slowly consumed by the corrupted object. Unless, of course, you can find a cure!

If the streaming platform follows the same pace, we could hope to discover a real teaser soon, with perhaps a release date! Case to be continued.


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