Amazon Prime has released “Cités” for iPhone!


Amazon Prime has just launched “Cités”, a new French series entirely produced for the iPhone. The advent of smartphones has allowed many directors to change the formats of their films and series. This is the case with the Amazon Cités series. It was therefore entirely carried out with an iPhone. We explain to you.

An iPhone, a tripod, and let’s go! A few hours ago, Amazon Prime Video announced on its TikTok account the arrival of its new series. And among them, Cités.

The streaming platform has announced the imminent release of its latest original creation. And so the latter was shot on the iPhone. In its entirety.

The series is produced by Quad stories. We owe them Extraordinary. Untouchables. But also L’Arnacœur. This series consists of 12 episodes. All are up to one minute in length.

The Amazon Prime series was therefore shot with a smartphone. Via the many filters and other options offered by the Tik Tok social network. Just that.

The 100% digital series therefore evokes stories from everyday life. The scenes in the Amazon Prime Video series were, for the most part, taken in the streets of Paris.

Amazon Prime launches “Cités” a French series produced for the iPhone


French director Abd-Al Malik is behind the feature film May Allah Bless France (2014). He was the one who directed the entire series.

Amazon Prime Video therefore describes the series as follows. “Through these twelve scenes, the streets of Paris are revealed under an unprecedented glance, the time of meetings between young people: a skater poet, a complexed teenager, a fashion victim, etc. »That promises!

Dance, music. But also singing and other arts will give rhythm to this series for young people. The series therefore focuses on the issues of young adolescents. Moreover, we can see the most beautiful monuments in Paris. You will be amazed.

Among them, the Place de la République, which can be seen in the soundtrack. You will therefore understand, this series uses the codes of TikTok and all that that implies.

In an interview with Satellifax, Abd-Al Malik, the director of the series therefore revealed that Cités portrays these emblematic districts of Paris among young people.

“In France every district. Each village. Each city center has within it emblematic places bearing the names of great figures of our cultural heritage. So I wanted to transcribe that. », He revealed. And that’s not all.

“Like Aragon Square, like Albert Camus College. Such George-Sand square, such Isabelle Eberhardt library are the scene of daily life scenes. Young people from all walks of life come together to rap and dance. Skateboard, play basketball or soccer or just hang out. That is all. “, He explained to the press. We look forward.

The Cités series is therefore already available on Amazon Prime Video. It is therefore shaping up to be THE series for this month of February. So, don’t hesitate to go for it!


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