Amazon Prime Gaming: how the service works


Amazon Prime Gaming is an electronic gaming service. It is one of several benefits delivered within Amazon Prime, a subscription package that offers several advantages.

The main benefits of subscribing to Amazon Prime Gaming are the monthly rewards and free game offerings. Titles like GTA 5, League of Legends (LoL), Red Dead Online, Roblox and many others have already received prominence for subscribers with exclusive content and skins. Players still benefit from the Twitch streaming platform.

Check out all the advantages and benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming below.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Previously known as Twitch Prime (when the benefits were only tied to the streaming service that also belongs to Amazon), Prime Gaming was launched in Brazil in 2017. It is not possible to subscribe only to this game streaming, since it belongs to the subscription of Amazon Prime.

However, an interesting advantage is being able to use a single login for both the Twitch account and Amazon Prime. In this way, the two services are integrated and it is not necessary to decorate two different logins.

Prime Gaming Advantages

Prime Gaming stands out for offering a good variety of games to subscribers. Every month the list of games is renewed and new titles are added to the catalog. In March 2021, the games offered are: Blasphemous, Tengami, Boomerang Fu, SkyDrift and Bomber Crew.

Amazon’s service is also characterized by offering content and skins for other games. Among the bonds benefiting from these bonuses are:

STAR WARS: Squadrons – two new pilot helmets
Trackmania: Club Access – 3 months free
FIFA 21 – FIFA Ultimate Team Prime Gaming # 2 package
League of Legends (LoL) – 3rd exclusive skin fragment
GTA 5 Online – Kosatka submarine sonar station and up to 1 million per month in online mode
Destiny 2 – exotic pack drop, Imperial Projection
Valorant – Lovebyte Keychain


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