Amazon Prime: actor Donald Glover was signed!


The Amazon Prime streaming platform made a great deal and wrote actor Donald Glover a massive check. This is the news that just fell. Donald Glover would have concluded a very large contract with the Amazon Prime platform. And it promises to be very interesting.

There are many streaming platforms on the market. And right now it’s the war over which one is better.

Indeed the catalog that these platforms offer is not the most important for subscribers. It’s the original creations that get subscribers to sign up.

That’s why in recent years, streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime have developed their own production companies. And they have a big budget.

And as for films intended for the cinema, they call upon great actors. As is the case with Amazon Prime. Indeed, the streaming platform has hired actor and singer Donald Glover. So who will be alongside actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

They will be part of the next project from Amazon Prime studios. Which will be a series adapted from the film “Mr and Mrs Smith”. This cult film from 2005 which brought together the famous couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

And according to the “Hollywood Reporter,” Amazon Prime has offered the American actor an 8-figure deal. Just that !

But this large sum is not only valid for a series. The actor will star in several other productions on the platform.

Amazon Prime: actor Donald Glover would have signed a huge contract!


In addition to this adaptation of the famous action movie, Amazon Prime has something else planned. Another production called “Hive”. And that promises to be heavy.

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Indeed, the story will revolve around a music icon. And to see the title which means “beehive” in French, some think of Beyoncé. A reference that immediately brings to mind her nickname “Queen Bee” or “the queen bee”.

Also according to the “Hollywood Reporter” the paperwork meetings have already started at Amazon Prime. And the daughter of former President of the United States, Malia Obama would be there. A very promising cast therefore.

And for good reason, Donald Glover is no stranger to the general public. He is also known to be a singer. He calls himself Childish Gambino.

Indeed he is known to have played in several great films. Including “Spider-Man: Homecoming” alongside Tom Holland. But also “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and the last “Lion King” released in 2019.

But the actor is dedicated full time to his “Atlanta” series. Because he is both the creator and the main actor. The series is a great success and has even been renewed for a season 4.

Between his new season in “Atlanta” and his new projects at Amazon Prime, Donald Glover may be very busy for the next few months. And we can’t wait to see the result.


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