Amazon Prime: 10 classic series to reinvent!


The Amazon Prime SVoD platform is full of more addicting programs. Here are 10 shows that you should discover or rediscover!

Who says new year, says new programs. And above all, new binger series. However, on the Amazon Prime platform, many nuggets are already sleeping. Here are 10 shows to see or review!

Many of us are true aficionados of series of all kinds. Whether it’s new releases or old-fashioned shows, as they say.

For their part, SVoD platforms compete in their skill to make us addicts. Starting with Netflix, but also Amazon Prime, which is doing quite well.

The platform manages to offer us original content, with nuggets like Fleebag, for example. It also provides slightly more cult and old-fashioned shows.

Series that have not aged a bit and make us want to spend hours watching them. These programs abound on Amazon Prime.

We can even say that they do not make us younger, after all! Some of you may have only heard of it in name and yet …


Amazon Prime offers you the opportunity to dive back into series that rocked our childhood or our adolescence. Like Malcolm, for example.

Rather Sci Fi? You’ll love getting back to the X Files, which we loved watching as we were little. Or even Smallville, to discover a Superman at his beginnings.

The ultimate housewife series: Desperate Housewives, offered on a silver platter from Amazon Prime. But that’s not all !

Some Lost followers will also want to get lost on a desert island. Or even remake the whole of the Brothers Scott!

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In the same vein, Dawson made a splash among teenagers in the 90s. Who remembers Ally McBeal, the one who made some people want to be a lawyer?

Why not also revisit Will Smith’s debut in The Prince of Bel Air? In short, a series to die for.

Finally, a timeless action series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, the vampire slayer will never tire us, she and her sidekick Faith, the rebel slayer, camped by Eliza Dushku!

Drusilla, the sadist, or even Spike and Angel, the vampires who capsized Buffy’s heart. Also included was Alyson Hannigan in her early days, best friend of Sarah Michelle Gellar on screen.

We also remember with emotion the passage of Willow in Dark Willow after the death of his girlfriend… To those who have never ventured to Sunnydale, we promise you that it is worth the detour!


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