Amazon presses Canadian company to ‘share data’


Amazon is pressing Canada-based smart thermostat manufacturer Ecobee to share its data. Amazon is asking the company for the data because it uses its own assistant Alexa in its smart thermostats. The company is trying all kinds of strategies against Ecobee, which does not accept this.

Amazon is committed to getting user data from Ecobee

According to a new report in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Amazon is putting pressure on Canada-based smart thermostat maker Ecobee to share data on its devices and is experimenting with all kinds of strategies to achieve this goal. According to the report, it is claimed that Amazon requests data from devices that can work with Alexa even when customers are not using it. Ecobee did not comply with Amazon’s wishes. Ecobee refused to share data with Amazon, fearing compliance with these requests would violate customer privacy. The company is also worried that Amazon will compete with them by developing better smart thermostats with data to be obtained. Last year it turned out that Amazon was using third-party vendor data to develop competing products using the Amazon Basics brand.

Besides Ecobee, Amazon has asked other device manufacturers to share data. Among the data it asks are the temperature of the house and which doors in the house are locked or open. Amazon’s spokesperson for these cases, Jack Evans, told WSJ that the company only uses proactive status data to “improve the customer experience and make better recommendations.” Evans said that when customers connect their Amazon accounts to these devices, they are informed that their data will be shared.

According to the WSJ report, it is stated that the two companies are still negotiating. If Ecobee does not share its data with Amazon, it will not be able to sell its products on Amazon’s site. In addition, Amazon stated that if it cannot receive data from Ecobee, it will take an action such as removing the Alexa certificate from the devices.

What do you think of Amazon’s attitude? How important are the decisions made by Amazon for user data to you? Please share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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