Amazon Prepares Product Distribution Center in Ceará


Amazon is close to closing an agreement with the government of the state of Ceará for the installation of a Distribution Center (DC) in Maracanaú, in the Metropolitan Region of the capital, Fortaleza. According to an article published last week (15), in Diário do Nordeste, the project aims to meet the demands of e-commerce in the North and Northeast regions.

Citing sources linked to the negotiations, the periodical states that the agreement should be concluded in the second half of this year. The North American technology multinational would even be prospecting a physical location for the installation of the sheds, in the vicinity of the Fourth Ring Road in the capital of Ceará.

The next day (16), however, a reporter from the same media outlet managed to photograph an Amazon warehouse, already with its traditional logo, apparently in an advanced stage of construction. One of the requirements of the state government to conclude the agreement is that the multinational brings to the region a data center based on the cloud services platform Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon is already looking for professionals in Ceará

When Diário do Nordeste reported in May that the government of Ceará had made a formal proposal for tax benefits to Amazon, the multinational had already started looking for professionals: a seasonal Customer Service (CS) manager, group manager and a prevention manager loss of data.

The opening of another DC in the Northeast Region, where Amazon already maintains a complex of the kind (in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, in Pernambuco), represents the installation of a tool capable of increasing logistics and reducing operating costs. The initiative is another step forward in the fierce battle between retail and e-commerce companies for the primacy of faster delivery in Brazil.


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