Amazon Plans To Launch Radar Sleep Tracking Device


Amazon may launch a new radar sleep monitoring device, according to Bloomberg. Last Friday (9), the technology giant obtained authorization from the Federal Communications Commission of the United States (FCC) to proceed with the project.

The functioning of the system has not yet been detailed by Jeff Bezos’ company, but the approval document released by the regulatory agency provides some clues. According to the FCC, the gadget has “radar sensors to allow touchless control of the device’s features and functions.”

In the description, the devices are presented by the company as “non-mobile”, indicating the possibility of something similar to the Echo smart speakers. There is also information that Amazon wants to use radar to enable “contactless sleep tracking” functionality.

In an earlier document, when the agency received the request, it was said that the system could have “significant health benefits for many Americans” by allowing the detection of potential sleep problems. Such resource, according to the request, would also help people with mobility, speech or tactile disabilities.

Google Nest Hub 2 has similar function

Launched in March, the second generation of Google Nest Hub brought several new features, such as improvements to the speaker and display, as well as the ability to detect minimal body movement. Thanks to the motion sensor, the device also gained sleep tracking technology.

Entitled “Sleeping Sensing”, the feature can detect snoring, coughing and other sleep disturbances, also analyzing changes in temperature and ambient lighting. At dawn, a summary of nightly events is displayed on the screen and also in the Google Fit app, making it possible to identify factors that are harmful to rest.

As for Amazon’s radar sleep tracking device, it’s not scheduled for release, despite FCC approval.


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