Amazon One that enables payment with palm


Amazon announced its new contactless payment method. In this context, contactless palm payment, a system that we are normally not used to, will be offered to users with Amazon One. Our fingerprint and palm are special. In other words, Amazon decided to integrate this method, which is an important identity verification, to its system, so it allows people to pay with their palm. The new palm payment Amazon One really gets attention.

Amazon One working principle

Amazon announced its new system in a blog post. Amazon turns a person’s hand into a credit card. We can say that Amazon One is based on the logic of creating a “palm signature or identity”. This system, which will capture the details of the human palm, will recognize people from these details.

The giant company’s new system will first be available at Amazon’s Go stores in Seattle. The company aims to use this system in other Amazon stores in the future. In addition to using this system in its stores in the first place, Amazon wants to use it in stadiums and office entrances in the future.


Amazon did not provide information on whether any other company or business would use Amazon One, but the company says it has “active conversations with several potential customers”. Amazon says it makes more sense to choose palm recognition unlike other technologies like facial recognition due to some privacy issues.

The working principle of Amazon One is as follows: To identify the palm, a phone number and credit card will be sufficient to encrypt the information of users as well as algorithms and sensors.

The card information to be integrated with the lines on the palm of the person will allow the person to pay. The good thing about this service is that when the user no longer wants to use this system, he will be able to delete his biometric data from the system online.

Considering that Amazon has been working on this system for years, it is not surprising that this breakthrough is coming.

A short video introducing the palm method:


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