Amazon Offers More Than 70 Vacancies For the IT Area in Brazil


Amazon: On Monday (17), Amazon opened a new selection process in Brazil, with more than 70 vacancies available, all of them for its international technology team. It is the largest single offer in the company’s technological area in the country since 2014, when it created its development center.

According to the e-commerce giant, there are opportunities for quality engineers, developers, development, product and program managers. The posts are for work at the company’s office in the city of São Paulo (SP), but the contractors will work in a home office regime during the pandemic.

In the Consumer division team, also known as INTech, employees work on a global scale, creating solutions that impact hundreds of millions of retailer’s customers worldwide. Because of this, most of these job openings at Amazon require fluency in English.

Other requirements include knowledge of the programming language and the basis of computing, especially algorithms and data structure. No university or technical training is required in most positions, except in management functions, in which the candidate must have a degree in Computer Science and have at least five years of experience.

How to apply?

Interested in applying for Amazon vacancies currently open, you can send your resume through the company’s website, where all the information and requirements for each of the functions are available. The first stage of the selection process is the analysis and revision of the curricula.

Selected candidates will have to complete a programming challenge within a maximum of seven days. Next, there will be a technical interview, conducted by an engineer, and interviews with the leaders of each sector. According to the company, all conversations with subscribers will take place virtually, due to the pandemic.


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