Amazon: new service in SP promises same-day delivery


On Thursday (1st), Amazon announced a new delivery service that expands the company’s activities in Brazil and is aimed at those who need new products in the shortest possible time.

This is a new form of shopping for São Paulo in which delivery is made on the same day as the order payment confirmation.

The novelty is valid for several regions of the so-called “expanded center of the city of São Paulo”, but not the entire catalog of the virtual store is included: the service is valid for about 30 product categories. In addition to the purchase price, freight has a fixed fee: from R $ 14.90 for Prime members and R $ 18.90 for other customers.


To find out which products are available for delivery on the same day, it is possible to use the filters of the virtual store itself. To do this, simply choose the option “Fastest delivery: Today”, and select the most expeditious shipping type. Only purchases made until noon will be delivered on the same date.

The company considers the novelty an “important milestone for Amazon in Brazil”, which has also brought the Prime benefits package for deliveries and streaming platforms since 2019.

For now, there are no details on the expansion of this type of delivery to other regions of the country.


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