Amazon: Motorist Is Warned For Stopping Deliveries During A Tornado


Amazon: Bloomberg on Friday released an anguished dialogue between an Amazon delivery driver and her logistics supervisor (dispatcher), just over an hour before a tornado ripped in half one of the company’s Edwardsville warehouses. , on December 10th. Although the atmospheric phenomenon destroyed the 28 centimeter walls, the driver was instructed by her boss to continue delivering the packages.

According to screenshots of the conversations taken by the news agency, the driver says she heard tornado warning sirens, but the supervisor tells her to continue because it was “just a warning”. Upon insisting, the driver was warned that a return to the depot would be seen as a denial of route, “which would end up with you not having any more work tomorrow morning.” Later, the tornado would kill six people in Amazon’s warehouse.

What did Amazon say?

Sought by Bloomberg, Amazon came out, stating that the logistics supervisor “should have instructed the driver to seek shelter immediately” as soon as they reported hearing the alarm sirens. Furthermore, he stated that, “under no circumstances should the dispatcher have threatened the driver’s employment.” The company said it is investigating the incident.

Most of the time, Amazon’s drivers are from third-party firms. Among these professionals, there are several reports of pressure to meet delivery quotas. Earlier this year, some couriers complained that they were instructed to turn off the security application provided by the ecommerce giant, in order to expedite deliveries.

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued an official statement stating that it is investigating the tragedy at the Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville. Experts told Bloomberg that the incident highlights the need for a policy to force the company to send its workers home in the event of natural phenomena.