Amazon Matches The Price of 10 Best Buy Games 10 Days 10 Dollars Promotion


Companies have been negotiating prices for decades to compete with others, and this is no different from Amazon accepting the same discounts on games that are featured in Best Buy’s “10 games, 10 days, $10” promotion. This promotion reduces the cost of the popular modern game by one day for 10 days, but these restrictions may be less significant than switching to Best Buy for Amazon users.

Call of Duty: Vanguard has launched Best Buy’s “10 games 10 Days for $10” promotion, and Amazon is already offering the same $10 price for the second game, Nioh 2. Since today’s Amazon gaming deal matches Best Buy’s stock price, it may continue. imitation of the remaining eight names that have not yet been confirmed by any of the companies. Players who haven’t tried the Nioh series will also be able to catch up with the first game, which costs less than $12 on Amazon, allowing players to purchase both games from the series for less than $30.

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Today’s Best Buy 10 Games 10 Days 10 Dollars deal is for Nioh 2, and every day revolves around its own game, leaving gamers just one day to find out what kind of game it is and decide if it’s worth buying. Given Amazon’s huge retail and e-commerce capabilities, such a price comparison could attract even more players to these games than Best Buy would otherwise attract on its own. PlayStation fans may be even more tempted by today’s deal, because if they buy the PS4 version of Nioh 2 on Amazon or Best Buy, they’ll see a free next-gen upgrade when they play it on the PS5, which will make upgrading easier than with other titles. Click here to see Amazon’s Nioh 2 deal.

It’s currently unclear which game will be next in the 10-day lineup, but the remaining games could be almost anything that hasn’t been priced at $10 or lower yet. People who bought each game for 10 days with a discount will spend $100 by the end of this period.

Since Best Buy’s “10 games, 10 days, $10” promotion began, some Twitter users have confirmed that other companies like Target and GameStop match prices like Amazon in their region, but it may be specific to certain locations. Although the upcoming games in the Best Buy 10 Games 10 Days 10 Dollars promotion are unknown, fans can expect big discounts in the coming days.


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