Amazon management said that the second season of the series “Devil’s Boys” is still possible


The second season of The Boys Presents: Diabolical is still possible on Amazon Prime. The animated dark comedy series about superheroes premiered on the streaming platform back in March and is a spinoff of The Boys. Continuing to explore the universe of the series, Diabolical uses eight animation styles to tell side stories about various characters and their endeavors. Several episodes of the show featured the voices of Aquafina, Don Cheadle, Michael Cera, Jason Isaacs, Kumail Nanjiani, Andy Samberg, Ben Schwartz and others, as well as the stars of “Boys” Anthony Starr and Chase Crawford, portraying their characters from the series with live actors.

Since its debut, Diabolical has received positive reviews from both fans and critics, especially for its humor and special visual style. Talk of a possible season 2 extension was made by showrunner Simon Rasioppa, although there has been no official confirmation yet. Speaking about the second season of the series “Devil Boys”, Racioppa explained his vision for the development of the series, saying that he would like future episodes to be “completely new”. He added that part of Diabolical’s appeal is that it offers something different from The Boys, teasing that if it had the opportunity, it wouldn’t be “just eight eleven-minute episodes again.”

Now Deadline reports that “Boys Imagine: Diabolical Season 2” may take place. When asked about the possibility, Amazon Studio’s head of global television, Vernon Sanders, shared that there had been discussions about what it would be. He also explained that the series caused excitement, and that fans maintained interest even after the release of the third season of “Boys”. Read Sander’s quote about a possible second season of “Diabolical” below:

“The opportunity exists. We were excited when we launched the game. We thought Diabolical had a double opportunity. One of them was to get The Boys fans interested and release it early. But we also wanted to see if there was another piece of apple once the mothership show came back and we’re seeing real engagement and growth of the show there. We’ve definitely had conversations with the producers about what the next part will look like.”

While fans are starting to anticipate a possible season 2, Simon Rasioppa talked about animation styles that he would like to see implemented, but which were not used in any of the previous eight episodes. The showrunner showed interest in an episode reminiscent of Pixar’s style, as well as the 1973 TV series Super Friends. As for the latter, he and director Giancarlo Volpe shared that it would be fun to make a cleaner episode, as it would be completely unexpected for fans.

As The Boys universe continues to grow with the addition of a second upcoming spin-off set in a college for young superheroes, fans have a lot of content they’re looking forward to. It will also be interesting to see if all the related series connect after it was confirmed that several episodes of Diabolical were canon for The Boys. Fans will have to wait for news about the second season, but at the moment it is expected that The Boys Presents: Diabolical will return to Amazon Prime.