Amazon Luna game service: Added 720p streaming support


Amazon Luna: adding a new content streaming option. 720p resolution limitation is imposed, especially for those with slower internet connections.

Currently, Amazon Luna only supports streaming in 1080p resolution. 4K support is also expected to come in the future. Still, even at 1080p, internet connections struggling to keep up with the high bandwidth demands of cloud gaming can cause lag, lag, and audio issues when using a service like the player Luna. Those using the Amazon Luna in early access beta, the platform is not yet available to everyone, saying they can turn on 720p streaming mode from the settings panel to aid performance.

“One of the most requested features is the ability to play at lower resolutions to meet unmatched internet connection speeds and bandwidth demands,” said Amazon’s The Verge site in a statement. “As of today (yesterday) we are enabling a new 720p option that provides less bandwidth and data usage with lower resolution streaming. statement took place.

Amazon Luna was launched in early access last fall, with a unique channel model that borrowed concepts from cable and internet television networks. Instead of paying a fee to use the service like Nvidia GeForce Now or purchasing your games directly like Google Stadia, Luna itself is free. But access to streaming games is placed behind “channels” with individual monthly subscriptions. There are only two Amazon Luna Plus channels ($ 5.99 per month) and a private Ubisoft channel ($ 14.99) currently available.