Amazon launches security camera that turns into drone


Amazon unveiled on Thursday (24) a new member of its family of security devices. This is the Ring Always Home Cam, a mix of camera and miniature drone for indoor surveillance.

The device is a security camera that can be positioned in any room in the house. When other devices in a smart home detect an abnormality, such as movement during a period when no one should be there, it sends a notification to the owner’s smartphone and releases a second mode of use.

When leaving the base, the top of the device becomes a miniature drone that records videos of your field of view while scanning all points in the house. It cannot be controlled manually, but there is an integration with Ring Alarm, which means that it automatically moves to the house door or windows that have been opened, for example.

The drone’s propellers are stored in a kind of protection box to prevent accidents and the device emits a recognizable noise when flying, to prevent invasions of privacy – which already happened by company employees, in a case that was disclosed at the beginning this year. The footage is all in high definition.

Ring Always Home Cam is in the early stages of development and has not yet obtained a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which means it should take some time to reach stores. When it is launched, probably only in 2021, it will cost US $ 250 – about R $ 1.3 thousand in direct currency conversion.

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