Amazon launches cuckoo clock assess consumer interest


First product to test Amazon’s Build It initiative, offered as of last week (17), a hybrid, analog and smart cuckoo clock is being launched by the e-commerce giant with the purpose of assessing consumer interest in the concepts offered.

Inspired by the 2019 Day 1 Editions program, in which Amazon created beta products to be tested by some invited people, Build It establishes pre-order goals for the products. If these are reached within 30 days, the item will be mass produced, otherwise the item will not be manufactured and you will not be charged for the order you placed.

The new Smart Cuckoo Clock is coming within Day 1 Edition concepts, and is part of the Built It initiative that includes only products created internally by Amazon employees. It is available for pre-order for $ 80 (R $ 432), but only the interest of consumers will determine its manufacture and shipping.

Launched on the day of the Built It implementation, together with a smart sticky note printer and a smart nutrition scale, the smart cuckoo clock reached 45% of its minimum pre-order goal when this post was published. If the required number of orders is reached by March 19, the device will be manufactured and shipped between July and September.

Compatible with Alexa, the Smart Cuckoo Clock has 60 LEDs (to show the stopwatch counts), traditional analog display, a jumping mechanical cuckoo bird and integrated speakers for timers and alarms, which can be triggered by voice commands.

The clock also has a removable pendulum and can be mounted on the wall or placed on a shelf. The alarm, even with the bird, can be configured to ring at the right time or programmed to silence the sound at a certain time of the day or night.


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