Amazon Launches covid-19 Test To Take At Home in the US


Amazon brought something new to make life easier for its consumers during the pandemic: the company obtained approval from the US regulatory agency FDA for the online sale of its first covid-19 test, which can have the results consulted on a diagnostic website dedicated to the consumer.

According to Stat, Amazon’s diagnostics site was initially designed for use by the company’s employees, but has now been made available for use by consumers. The test is now on sale in the US for $39.99 (about R$202), and has one-day shipping to Amazon Prime members.

Homeless medical examinations and testing experienced a huge expansion last year, when laboratories and companies specialized in collecting material and delivering Covid-19 tests directly to users’ homes, without visiting doctors’ offices and without having to abandon social isolation.

How to use Amazon’s covid test?

Approved last March by the FDA, Amazon’s covid-19 test kit was initially used by the company’s own employees. To use it, the patient rubs the swab over their nose at home and places it in a box with a prepaid return label. These virus collection swabs are mailed to a centralized laboratory.

To verify the test result, the Consumer Diagnostics website can be accessed by any customer directly on the Amazon portal, using the same login they type to make their purchases or access Amazon Prime.

Although the ecommerce giant already has two covid-19 tests available on the site, they are made by other companies, DxTerity and Quidel. The creation of its own test is another step for Amazon in the health area, which already has other products such as telehealth and home health for companies. The company also offers six-month prescriptions for common drugs for $6 (about R$30) at Amazon Pharmacy.


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