Amazon is Sued for Discrimination and Retaliation


Amazon: Five women, who work or have previously worked at Amazon, individually sued the company on Wednesday (19), with allegations of racial and gender discrimination, aggravated by retaliatory attitudes by white bosses, after complaints were filed.

Filed in four separate federal courts in the United States, the lawsuits reveal a pattern. Representative of the claimants, attorney Lawrence Pearson explained to Forbes magazine that, in all cases, “Amazon managers, even when they freak out, are covered up by management.” And he concludes: “The employee who raises the question is often treated as if she were the problem”.

In an email press release, Amazon spokeswoman Jaci Anderson rejected the allegations of the five employees and stated: “We are conducting full investigations for each of these isolated cases, as we do with any reported incidents, and we found no evidence to support the allegations ”.

Who are the women suing Amazon?

Diana Cuervo, a 40-year-old Latin woman, a former warehouse manager, says she was fired after complaining that her supervisor lived using racially phrased phrases, such as: “Latinos suck.” Two other claimants, Emily Sousa and Cindy Warner, separately claim to have been the subject of sexual, racial and gender harassment.

Pearl Thomas, a 64-year-old black HR manager, says she was called with the unpronounceable word (“nigger”) by her supervisor and, after complaining about him, was put on a performance improvement plan. Another black claimant, Tiffany Gordwin, said she was passed over in a managerial selection for the color of her skin.

The litigation takes place just a week before the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting, at which important proposals for improvements will be voted, including the proposal for a racial equity audit, which Amazon has repeatedly resisted.


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