Amazon Is Accused Of Plagiarizing Products From Sellers In India


Amazon has been accused of copying products sold by third parties and favoring private labels on its platform, but it has always denied the accusations. However, documents revealed by Reuters on Wednesday (13) show that the retailer followed such practices in India.

According to the news agency, the information obtained gives details of how Amazon’s private brands have exploited sales data and ratings from Indian customers. With these records, the company identified benchmarks for local consumers.

Then, Jeff Bezos’ company would have plagiarized the products, starting to sell the versions themselves. One of the victims of the strategy was John Miller, a popular shirt manufacturer in India, as the reports point out.

According to the report, the online commerce giant copied the measurements of the neck circumference and the length of the sleeves of John Miller shirts, replicating them in the manufactures themselves. This information helped resolve size issues that resulted in returns of a shirt model.

Boosting Private Label Products

In addition to the copying process, which did not consist of a simple cloning of the appearance of the products, documents dated from 2016 indicate that Amazon was driving its own brands in the platform’s research. This strategy ensured that plagiarized items appeared among the top two or three results.

The material, which shows the approval of the practices by two top executives from big tech, is related to the creation of the Solimo brand, initially launched in India and which later reached other markets, such as the United States, with health products , personal hygiene, beauty and cleanliness.


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