Amazon India Revealed Cheating Against Successful Retailers


Amazon India: It turns out that Amazon India is cheating against successful retailers. According to the latest reports, Amazon India’s website resorts to various manipulations to make certain products stand out and sell more. Worldwide companies; spends a lot of time and money designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing product lines. The way to success is to find a fair, reliable market where customers can be reached and these products can be offered for sale.

We recently shared with you that Amazon has been prosecuted for resorting to unfair competition using search results. Another recent investigation unfortunately revealed that Amazon India may not be the fair marketplace that retailers had hoped for. Reuters Research team; analyzed thousands of Amazon India documents, uncovering a plan designed to identify successful “reference” and “comparison” products from other retailers and then create their own in-house offerings. The project also includes establishing relationships with the manufacturers of these goods to ensure parity with the original products while controlling production costs.

The company resorts to methods to manipulate search results

Other parts of the plan included manipulation of Amazon India’s website algorithms and data to make their products appear more frequently in search results. A strategy report from 2016; The Indian private brands team showed that they equipped the system to return in-house products with the first two to three search results.

Amazon’s search algorithms are “optimized to predict what customers want to buy, regardless of the seller,” said Nate Sutton, vice president of general counsel at Amazon, at a 2019 convention. had used the words. But the documents revealed by Reuters directly contradict this statement, which shows that Amazon India is manipulating the results for its own benefit. Former company employees accused the company of using two proprietary manipulation techniques to leverage Amazon’s search classification and search results to increase product availability. Classification changes the search order by having the classified product appear in the first few results. To use the search results in your favor; appear directly above search results as titles that may not actually be part of the search.


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