Amazon hires developers to launch digital currency


Amazon’s virtual empire may be on the verge of expanding into a sector not widely explored by e-commerce giant hitherto, digital currencies, and job openings dedicated to creating a “new payment product” offered by the company already circulate on the internet, according to CoinDesk.

The project, yet to be announced, looks like a company effort related to maintaining the profitability of Prime customers. Mexico, for its part, says the vehicle, was the location chosen for the “kick-off”.

“This will allow consumers to convert money into digital currency and take advantage of it online, including for the purchase of goods and / or services like Prime Video”, describes one of the proposals.

Emerging markets would be at the heart of Amazon’s plans – it declined to give details of the initiative to those who requested them.

Even so, engineers and software development managers “from all levels” are invited to participate in selections, and those approved will be part of a professional team necessary to launch the novelty.

Everyone’s watching!

Everything indicates that this is an extension of the already known Amazon Coin, which has been on the market for eight years.

Through it, owners of Kindle and Android devices can make purchases within the corporation’s app store led by Jeff Bezos, mainly in games, which provide items, power-ups, boosters and the like.

However, more than just a digital asset, the new option would function as an effective exchange currency.

Others, such as Facebook and the Diem Association, follow the same direction, dedicating themselves to structuring their own cryptocurrencies, just as there are those who are increasingly turning their attention to this area.

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Twitter and Tesla even invest in Bitcoin – with Elon Musk’s company already looking into accepting it as a form of payment.

Finally, PayPal enables the management of crypto assets and faces competitors such as Square and the Robinhood application.

With the entry of Amazon on the scene, we will see an even more heated war for the domain of transactions that do not please everyone – but that will certainly mark their presence in the next generations.


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