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Amazon introduced its new smart bracelet, Halo, that keeps track of the user’s health, with the statement it shared today. The bracelet, which does not have a screen, allows the user to track the health status of the user through the Amazon Halo service.

Amazon introduced its new smart bracelet, Amazon Halo, with the statement it shared today. The company’s newly introduced smart bracelet is designed to allow users to track their health status in the best way possible. Unlike other wristbands on the market, the new smart bracelet does not have any screen.

Amazon Halo, which will be sold without a screen, works integrated with the mobile application of the same name that can be installed on smartphones. The wristband reflects the health status of the user to the application and enables the health status to be followed. The bracelet can also be purchased in different color options.

Works 7 days on a single charge:

Amazon Halo will be available to users in three different color and size options. The smart bracelet will monitor the user’s heart rate, body temperature, fat content, activity and sleep, and will be able to determine the emotional changes during the day by listening to the user’s voice. The device connecting via Bluetooth does not support GPS or WiFi connections.

Of course, one of the most curious features of a smart bracelet is how many days the bracelet can last without charge. According to the statement made by Amazon, Halo can work for up to 7 days without any need for charging. The bracelet also reaches full charge in just 90 minutes.

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The Amazon Halo smart bracelet, which is said to be completely water resistant, includes an accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate sensor, two microphones, an LED light and a button to turn the microphones off and on. The microphones on the wristband do not have a different function other than analyzing the user’s voice tone.

Introduced today, Amazon Halo went on sale in the United States for $ 64.99 (around £ 480 + taxes). Users who buy the bracelet will also be able to use the Halo membership, which is normally $ 3.99 per month, free for 6 months as a gift. It has not yet been announced whether the smart bracelet will come to our country.


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