Amazon has 800 people working on robot with Alexa


Amazon can expand Alexa’s ecosystem with a robot called Vesta. According to Business Insider, the company has about 800 employees working on the project, which would be in the final stages of development.

The heavy investment could make the robot the company’s next big product for connected homes. The trend is for the device to be like an Amazon Echo device, which works via voice commands, but with the ability to move and perform certain actions autonomously.

According to Business Insider, the Vesta supposedly has a body approximately 30 centimeters wide, a screen, microphones and several cameras. In addition, the construction of the device includes a compartment for carrying objects.

New Fire Phone?

While the project could raise the level of interactions with Alexa, the new robot would also be causing concern in some people on Amazon. According to Business Insider, some experts fear that the product is aimed at a very small niche of consumers and fails like the Fire Phone.

Launched in 2014, the Amazon mobile phone had specifications similar to any device of the time, but had a great emphasis on 3D interactions. With low public adherence, the company ended up ending sales of the device 14 months after its launch.

So far, Amazon has not officially commented on the matter and the existence of a company robot should still be considered a rumor. Currently, the company’s focus on the smart home market is the Echo line, which is discounted during Consumer Week.


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