Amazon Granted AWS Support To Chia Miners


Amazon has unveiled a new feature that Amazon Web Services (AWS) users can take advantage of when mining for Chia Network.

According to the information on Amazon AWS’s Chinese site, miners who want to produce XCH by mining Chia Network will be able to use a cloud-based storage system for this.

The site explains how Chia mining is differentiated from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and how the AWS infrastructure can be used for mining purposes.

It is stated that the AWS system required for XCH mining can be set up in 5 minutes.

Chinese investors are “flocking”

Since the information on Amazon site is not available in a different language, this system is thought to be designed for investors in China.

Wolfie Zhao of The Block Crypto says that individual investors in China are literally “flocking” into Chia mining.

“It is not known exactly when Amazon AWS started promoting this system. But this is an indication of how much interest Chia mining has received from Chinese investors. ”
Founded in 2017, Chia Network does not work with a proof-of-work mechanism like Bitcoin, but with proof of space and time.

People devote the storage space on their hard disks or SSDs to the Chia Network and set up “farms” here. Then, they get the block reward based on the rate at which their farm corresponds across the entire Chia Network network.

In the Chia Network network, which was launched on March 19, the size of the storage area dedicated to mining is larger than 1 exabyte.


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