Amazon, Google And Baidu Lead Smart Speakers Market


Amazon: This week, market analytics firm Strategy Analytics conducted a survey on the performance of the smart speaker industry. Amazon emerged as the global leader with 10.4 million shipments during the third quarter of 2021.

Data collected by the company points Google in second place, with 8.1 million shipments in the same period. The “bronze medal” went to China’s technology giant Baidu, with 5.4 million products. Alibaba managed 4.3 million remittances; followed by Apple with 4 million — equivalent to a 92% increase in the number of units compared to 2020.

Xiaomi is also among the top six brands in the sector, with 2 million units sold in the 3rd quarter. The Chinese company has a 5% market share, a 3% drop in production compared to 2020.

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The quarter was marked by an overall growth of 10% in the smart speakers market, accumulating 39.3 million devices sold in 2021. Amazon, alone, is responsible for holding more than a quarter of this sector — with 26.4%.

Google is responsible for a 20.5% market share, followed by 13.6% of Baidu. Strategy Analytics even named Google’s Nest Mini the best-selling speaker of 2021, followed by Apple’s HomePod Mini and Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo Dot.