Amazon gets millionaire fine for retaining driver tips


The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced, on Tuesday (2), that Amazon will be fined US $ 61.7 million for failing to pass on, for two and a half years, the tips from drivers participating in the Amazon Flex program.

According to the federal agency, the e-commerce giant promised to those who entered the system of delivery of goods made by private drivers the payment of US $ 18 to US $ 25 per hour worked, in addition to the transfer of 100% of the value of the tips given service customers.

However, the company ended up changing the rules at the end of 2016, according to the FTC, and did not warn delivery personnel, in addition to making it difficult to access such information. She started to pay an hourly rate lower than the one previously offered and started using the tips collected to complete the amounts that ranged from US $ 18 to US $ 25 per hour.

Another detail revealed by the agency is that Amazon continued with the old promise to drivers, even though it no longer fulfills it. This practice continued until August 2019, when the retailer received the investigation notice from the Commission and returned to adopting the previous payment model, with the flat fee and tips.

Amount will be passed on to drivers

The amount referring to the fine, equivalent to more than R $ 330 million in direct conversion, at the current quote, refers to the amount that the deliverers failed to receive throughout the period in which Amazon changed the contract without notifying them.

With the fine received, the FTC will transfer the money in full to the affected private drivers, through a refund process organized by the agency.

The agency also warned Jeff Bezos’ company that it will not be able to make any changes to the tip distribution before notifying drivers and obtaining their consent.


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