Amazon Fresh already in Spain: How it works


Today you can buy everything on Amazon, even “perishable” type foods, those that you would normally go to a Mercadona or another supermarket or store to look for. But the online shopping giant in the West wants to specialize even more in this sector, and that is why it has launched its new Amazon Fresh in Spain.

Amazon fresh

What is Amazon Fresh? It is a service where you can access a selection of products on ranging from eggs and milk to meat or vegetables. All this by receiving the order the same day you request it, in delivery times of 2 hours.

Amazon Prime customers can shop from more than 10,000 items on Fresh, including fresh and frozen products, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, dairy, snacks, essentials – all for the week’s purchase -, as well as beauty and personal care products, toys and stationery.

The most remarkable thing about its services is that everything you buy is “available with delivery, the same day, in two-hour bands, 7 days a week and without shipping costs on orders over € 50”. To this is added the catalog of 7,000 products from DIA supermarkets, which since the beginning of the year have had their own section within the Amazon Spain website.

Cities where Amazon Fresh works

In its premiere, the Fresh service works right now in “Madrid and surroundings”, although Amazon’s idea is to extend it to the rest of Spain in the next few months of this 2021. If you are Prime and you live in one of the areas with distribution, you can use it now. If you want to know if Amazon Fresh works in your area, just enter this link with your session logged in to Amazon, and the web will tell you if Fresh delivers there or not yet.


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