Amazon fires drone delivery division employees


Amazon fired dozens of employees in the company’s division responsible for the delivery project using drones. The information is from the Financial Times website, which heard a source who knows about the company’s planning and preferred to remain anonymous.

According to the report, the employees were part of the research and development department. As an alternative, the company goes after third-party manufacturers that can be contracted to produce the components of the drones.

The brands involved in the most advanced negotiation stages are Aernnova Aerospace, from Spain, and FACC Aerospace, from Australia. Other companies have been contacted, but no contract has been closed so far.

Brand response

The outsourced companies involved were contacted by the newspaper for a position, but did not return until the time of publication of the article.

Amazon, through a spokeswoman, confirmed the layoffs as part of a “transitional phase of the unit” and reorganization of the Prime Air division, which will allow “a better alignment with the needs of our consumers and the business model. “. Employees can still be relocated to other positions within the company.

And now?

The delivery of small orders in certain locations using drones is already an old dream of the company, but it finally detailed the procedure and the model to be used in 2019. This year, it announced that it obtained the necessary permission to operate in the United States and arrived starting tests. Drones, which operate via battery, have a range of 24 kilometers and can carry packages weighing up to 2.3 kg.

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In addition to drone delivery, in 2019 Amazon also devoted efforts to forming its own airline to transport cargo.


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