Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite: discover the main features


With the rise of streaming services and more advanced models of smart TVs, the electronic device market has gained new members, smart converters.

It is now possible to install apps, watch movies, series and videos with fast, quality streaming. For those who own a conventional television, the gadget allows access to streams such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and many others, all in a practical and safe way.

At the end of last year Amazon launched the new Fire TV Stick, adding many new features compared to the previous model, including voice control by the virtual assistant Alexa.

How Fire TV Stick Lite works

The new concept of the Fire TV Stick Amazon is a major renovation of the basic model, launched in 2017. The current model has 50% more power, more streaming options, fast startup and services reproduced in Full HD.

Very easy to set up, the device is automatically recognized after plugging it into a power source and linking it with the Amazon account. And after a few seconds of connecting to the TV, it can start to be used.

With a simple design, the Fire TV Stick Lite has a Pen Drive format, with connection via USB and with the possibility of inserting it in several HDMI inputs (even the most difficult to adapt, since it comes with an HDMI extender). This makes it more practical than a TV Box, which requires more space close to the TV and router, in addition to many connection cables.

In addition, the device is able to recognize 2.4 or 5GHz networks and numerous accessories, such as headphones, speakers and gamepads, via Bluetooth, with support in Brazilian Portuguese.


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