Amazon: Fake Comment Scheme Involves More Than 200,000 People


Amazon: The security team at the company Safety Dectectives discovered a scam elaborated on Amazon that aims to make false evaluations on products, giving them greater prominence in surveys with praise and recommendations after a payment.

The process is quite simple: a seller hires the service of false reviews and sends the product to the participants from a common purchase on Amazon.

The buyer, in turn, leaves a rather complimentary comment and asks for a refund of the item to receive the money back. As payment for participation, he can keep what was purchased and still receive an additional amount via PayPal.


The discovery was only possible after a data leak that exposed all the coup participants – more than 200,000 – in a 7 GB file of information that is part of a larger leak.

This data can serve in criminal investigations or even be used for the application of other virtual scams, since it contains email addresses, phone numbers and usernames.

The server was on ElasticSearch and was completely unprotected, without a password or encryption.


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