Amazon employees arrested for stealing cargo


Five Amazon employees in Madrid, Spain, were arrested on charges of stealing smartphones that would be delivered to consumers. The group diverted high-value devices, especially iPhone 12 models, and even pocketed 500,000 euros (about R $ 3.2 million in direct currency conversion) before the arrest.

According to the Spanish website iPadizate, employees worked in a distribution center based on an elaborate scheme, which involved accomplices from outside the company. The group stole cell phones in the warehouse and, in order to remove them from the site, placed the packages inside other parcels – probably addressed to one of the participants in the crime.

Amazon began to suspect the gang’s performance by analyzing expected and resulting weight differences between the packages. An internal investigation based on security cameras led the company to criminals, who were reported and arrested by the police. In all, they carried ten iPhone devices, as well as a list with IMEI codes that were crossed out to make possible police operations difficult.

Employees have been fired and should be tried. The police will proceed with the case, since it is necessary to identify who received the stolen devices.

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