Amazon electric van delivers on the streets of Los Angeles


The electric delivery van from Amazon was identified by a Los Angeles resident. Developed by the American startup Rivian, the vehicle undergoing tests is already delivering in some neighborhoods of the Californian city.

The photos were taken in December 2020 and are the first images of the van effectively operating on North American streets. Previously, only the first prototypes were seen on highways during the automaker’s test periods.

Today, Amazon is one of Rivian’s main investors. With this, the e-commerce giant made an agreement with the automaker specialized in trams to develop a fleet of customized vans for deliveries.

Blue and with the virtual store logo, the model features an intelligent pedestrian alert system. Thus, it emits a very curious tune while it is in motion or parked with the engine running.

According to the information, the alert system is mandatory for these electric car models in the USA. However, it is possible that the beep emitted may change before the final production of the Amazon fleet begins.


Fully electric fleet with 100 thousand units

According to the statement released by the companies, the agreement between Amazon and Rivian involves the manufacture of 10,000 electric vans by 2022. Further, the expectation is that the complete fleet will have 100,000 customized units in 2030.

The models developed by the startup have several features, such as cameras on the outside that offer a 360º view to drivers. They also have integration with the Alexa virtual assistant and special driving software for highways.

This is one of the actions of the company led by Jeff Bezos to zero carbon emissions in its operations by 2040. Currently, the virtual store already has a limited fleet of electric vehicles operating in certain countries – including electric bicycles.


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