Amazon Echo Show 8 and Show 5 Arrive in Brazil Starting at R$ 599


Amazon announced, this Wednesday (24), the launch in Brazil of the new Echo Show 8 for R$999 and Echo Show 5 for R$599. Both have improvements in cameras for video calls and are already available on the website Amazon and e-commerce partner retailers.

According to Tom Taylor, senior vice president of Amazon Alexa, customers made nearly triple the number of smart speaker video calls globally compared to last year. “With these new Echo Show devices, we’ve focused on communication functions, bringing a powerful camera with digital zoom and framing capability to the new Echo Show 8, and upgrading the new Echo Show 5 camera,” says the executive.

New Echo Show 5

Among the releases, the Echo Show 5 is the simplest model. With a 5.5-inch screen, it underwent improvements in the camera, which now has 2 MP of resolution, twice as much as its predecessor. Customers can also access the device’s built-in camera to monitor the home while away. The Echo Show 5 is available in black, white and blue.

New Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8, available in black and white, has an 8-inch HD screen, an octa-core processor and dual stereo speakers, which ensure better sound quality. The camera has 13 MP and has undergone improvements, highlights the company. The device should now automatically frame and zoom during video calls, with the goal of keeping everyone in the center of the screen.


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