Amazon Echo: how to connect the smart box to a smart TV


Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Show (5 and 8) can be connected to the TV to improve the sound quality. For this, Amazon speakers must connect to the TV via Bluetooth connection. There are several models with the resource for sale in Brazil, among brands such as Samsung, LG, Philips, TCL, Philco and Sony. Check out the tutorial below on how to connect the Bluetooth box with Alexa on the smart TV. The walkthrough was done on a LG device with a webOS system, but it is practically the same for other devices.

Step 1. Access your TV’s audio settings. Then, access the list of connections available in “sound output” or something like that;

Step 2. Access the option to send audio to other devices via Bluetooth signal;

Step 3. You may need to click on a button to search for nearby Bluetooth devices, as in the image below. If so, press and wait a few moments. Go to your Amazon Echo and ask to activate the wireless connection with the voice command “Alexa, turn on Bluetooth”;

Step 4. Select the description of the box and press the “OK” button on the control to start the connection;

Step 5. Wait a few moments for the pairing confirmation to appear on the screen. Alexa must also confirm that it is connected to the TV. Once this is done, the TV volume control will be integrated with Amazon Echo, and the pairing is stored on both devices. So just ask Alexa to connect again to hear the TV sound in your box.

Ready! Use the tip to make your TV sound more powerful when watching movies and series.


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