Amazon Echo Auto that takes Alexa to cars


Supporters of virtual assistants and the connection of different devices may soon have another option to expand their ecosystems. Amazon, apparently, is close to bringing Amazon Echo Auto to Brazil, a device that carries Alexa and promises to make cars smarter. It has already been approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and is allowed to land on the national market.

According to the certification, the model, BP39CN, is the same one found for sale abroad and is in the category “Restricted Radiation Transceiver – II”, and these are the only technical information present in the document. Launched in 2018 alongside several company products, it rivals other services present on smartphones, such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

With eight microphones and no screen at all, Amazon Echo Auto acts as an intermediary between the cell phone and the car, connecting via Bluetooth to access the cloud and, according to the company, enabling the execution of commands even in noisy environments. Through the device, it is possible to play music, set reminders and even start navigation using GPS.

For now, there are no details regarding the launch nor the amounts charged here.

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