Amazon Echo 2020 introduced! Here is the features


Amazon introduced its new products with the event it organizes this year as every year. As part of the event, Amazon announced that it is renewing its smart speaker Echo. Here are Amazon Echo features and price:

Amazon Echo 2020 features and price

The fourth generation Echo smart speaker introduced as part of the event brought a new globe design and improved sound performance. The new smart speaker will be available in three colors, charcoal, chalk and steel blue.

The biggest change is that it makes sense of user commands more intuitively and uses its own capabilities to do so. With the AZ1 Neural Edge silicon module, Amazon Echo 2020 provides faster service to its users by processing the command within itself without sending it to the cloud system.

Amazon announced that the Echo smart speaker responds hundreds of milliseconds faster than previous versions with machine learning.

The 3rd generation Echo Studio had a price tag of $ 200 and the Echo Dot $ 45. The price of the 4th generation Amazon Echo smart speaker was announced as $ 99. Old and new generation Echo devices will be able to work in conjunction with the smart home system with the cooperation of Amazon Sidewalk and Zigbee.

The device, which will be released on October 22, has been opened for pre-order on Amazon.

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Amazon Echo 2020 introduced!


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