Amazon Driver Went Viral Because He Delivered a Package During a Police Standoff


An Amazon driver went viral on TikTok for going through a police standoff to make sure the package was delivered, and the clip is now exploding on the social media platform.

A recent TikTok went viral after an Amazon delivery service worker decided to ignore the police cars huddled on the street and took care to deliver the goods to the house while the confrontation was going on.

As first reported by Out Kick, the video, which was originally posted on March 9, has since gained over 2 million views.

Amazon Driver Went Viral on TikTok for Delivering Order During Police Standoff

In the clip, a neighbor from the opposite end of the house filmed a situation where an Amazon courier was walking across the lawn in front of the house and around several police cars, all with their headlights on. The full TikTok can be viewed here:


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In addition, just under a dozen police officers stand at attention on the street, with many of them looking at the courier in complete confusion. Going straight to the house, the policeman intercepts the delivery, grabs the parcel and sends the courier back to his car.

However, the Amazon driver is sure to take a quick picture of the situation before returning to his car.

The TikTok comments section is filled with reviews of the driver’s courage. One user commented, “Someone is going to be employee of the month,” and another wrote: “The bro has the lowest blood pressure.”

Despite the fact that the delivery is not technically complete, another TikTok user commented on the video “and he marks it as delivered when he leaves,” in response to how the driver is seen returning to the car and using his phone when they do.


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