Amazon donates $ 5.3 million to audiovisual industry


Amazon Studios and the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform announced last Friday (5) the donation of R $ 5.3 million to the audiovisual community in Brazil.

The company’s objective is to help the Brazilian Audiovisual Content Institute (ICAB) from a fund created for the industry to survive the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. With the pandemic, the vast majority of production was paralyzed by the impossibility of agglomerations, but some works have gradually been restarted.

The funds were also earmarked for other countries with Amazon’s presence in the streaming industry, including Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Colombia. The total amount will be sent by the end of the second quarter of 2021.

Increasingly present

The company itself is excited about a possible resumption of recordings and releases: Prime Video has in recent years expanded its position as a producer of original content in Latin America, with reality shows and series. Released in Floripa and a documentary behind the scenes of the Brazilian soccer team are just some of the most recent examples, but other productions are in progress.

Individuals and entities wishing to obtain financial assistance must apply for support from ICAB, an institute that has helped with training and discussion in the industry since 2014.