Amazon Destroys Around 130,000 New Items Per Week In The UK


Amazon: ITV News reported on Monday (21) that Amazon would be destroying millions of items from its inventory that are not sold. According to the portal, many of the products are new and have never been used.

The information was revealed by a former employee of the e-commerce giant. He filmed one of the 24 distribution centers operating in the UK and captured the so-called “destroy zone”. There, the company discards thousands of never-used products. Among them are Smart TVs, laptops, drones, hair dryers, state-of-the-art headphones, books, thousands of sealed masks.

According to the former employee — who did not want to identify himself in the report — all these items are separated into boxes marked “destroy”.

The portal identified that the products are thrown into giant cans and dumped in recycling centers or landfills. Importantly, many of the goods had not even been sold and returned.

“Our goal was to destroy 130,000 items a week. There’s no reason why what gets destroyed: vacuum cleaners, MacBooks and iPads; the other day, 20,000 still unopened Covid [face] masks were destroyed,” he says.

“Small” quantity

In a leaked April document, employees had to throw away more than 124,000 new products. In contrast, only 28 thousand items in the same period were labeled as “donate”.

Before learning about the investigation, Amazon’s UK director John Boumphrey told ITV News that the amount the company destroys is “extremely small”.

Following the report, Boumphrey stated: “We are working towards a zero product disposal goal and our priority is to resell, donate to charitable organizations or recycle any unsold products. No items are sent to landfill in the UK. As a last resort, we will ship items for energy recovery, but we are working hard to reduce the number of times this happens.”


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