Amazon cuts support and Parler goes offline on Monday


The recently popularized social network Parler went offline on Monday (11) after suspending support for Amazon’s hosting service. A platform that promises an environment of “total freedom of expression” became the preference of President Donald Trump’s radical base, it was also publicized as an “uncensored” alternative by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party).

Indicated by the website Down For Everyone Or Just Me, the social network Parler dawned offline. The platform served as an enclosure for President Donald Trump’s extremist and supremacist base – although he himself is not a user – and drew the attention of Amazon, which soon withdrew support for hosting the service by finding popular publications that “encouraged the practice of violence. ”.

Both the Amazon Web Services hosting service, as well as Apple and Google stores, no longer offer support for hosting or downloading Parler. On the computer, the site was accessible for some time, but it soon went offline after visitors complained about the lack of responsiveness on the page.

In the search for a new host, denial

Complementing the justification for the suspension of support, Amazon commented that it observed “a growing wave of violent content on the website”, where they all violate the AWS terms of use. In addition, the company did not see that the social network administrators presented an efficient means to stop the problem.

Service chief John Matze commented that the company is looking for another hosting service, but no other provider wants to make a deal with the company. “We are trying our best to stay online, but we are encountering difficulties since every salesperson we contact refuses to work with us, since if Apple or Google do not approve, they will not go,” he commented.

Bolsonaro recommends registration with Parler

Over the weekend, President Jair Bolsonaro encouraged his electoral base is in cadastrasse Parler to avoid a possible attitude of Twitter. The president and his sons have had an account on the social network since last year, but had not yet encouraged registration on the platform as an alternative to Twitter policies.

In his Twitter profile, Jair Bolsonaro highlighted your username in Parler, reinforcing the call for platform use.