An Amazon Courier in the USA Caught Spitting Out the Package It Delivered (Video)

An Amazon courier in the city of Los Angeles, USA dropped his spit on the cargo he delivered. This event, which is on the agenda of the country, has made life questioned when we are at war with the pandemic.

The psychology of many of us is not the same nowadays when the world is going through an extraordinary process. Because the coronavirus epidemic that occurs in Wuhan, China and spreads all over the world, prevents us from going out on the streets and living our usual life. People no longer see the face of their favorite people, even if they care about their personal cleansing several times more than before, and even if they do, they cannot touch them.

While in such a process, sometimes mind-boggling events occur. An event that we will talk about now is the kind that will question what you are experiencing. If you wish, without further ado, the “Why?” Let’s take a closer look at the incident.

The subject of the incident in question is the courier that he saw in the photo above. This person works for Amazon and is responsible for delivering consumers’ orders to the correct address. According to an emerging video, this courier is spitting on the package he delivered. It is not possible to understand why such a move was made, but the courier’s attempt to spread the saliva on the package does not bring much to mind.

The fact that this incident dropped on the internet last Thursday has also triggered Amazon officials. Amazon officials apologized to their customers for the incident and announced that they gifted $ 50 to Amazon accounts. Expressing that such a thing is unacceptable, Amazon officials declared that they are aggressively going on the issue and will reveal this event.

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An explanation came from the buyer of the cargo. Amazon customer stated that he was suspicious of the courier in question because of this incident and that he should be tested for COVID-19. After this incident settled on the agenda of the United States, Amazon announced that the courier was dismissed and would no longer work for Amazon.



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