Amazon Claims to Offer Additional Wage to Warehouse Workers to Work at the Market


Amazon is claimed to offer wage increases to encourage warehouse workers to work harder due to increased market shopping demands. Amazon is said to offer its workers $ 19 an hour. The hourly wage before the outbreak was $ 15.

With the increase in online shopping due to the new deadly coronavirus (COVID-19), which has spread to the world and has killed 32,113 people since its emergence in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, online shopping giants are taking new measures to respond to increasing demand.

Amazon is claimed to offer warehouse workers an incentive to work on the Whole Foods market chain due to increased online market purchases. In the Amazon message leaked to the media, Prime Now market orders are facing a ‘mass increase’.

Online market shopping booms
Amazon Now, where Amazon customers can order online groceries, Prime Now supplies the ordered products from local Whole Foods stores or, in some cases, businesses like Fresh Thyme and Westside Market NYC. This service is provided in most of the big cities, including those that are heavily affected by the coronavirus outbreak and where strict home-keeping instructions are applied.

It is stated that online market orders have experienced a big boom due to the house-keeping measures taken in the coronavirus outbreak. Instead of going to the market, customers order online and these orders are put together and packaged by a worker in the market. Packaged products are delivered to the customer’s home and contact is thus reduced.

According to the report in Reuters, the message sent from Amazon to warehouse workers working in various American states allegedly offered an additional $ 2 an hour to pack fruits and vegetables at Whole Foods stores and work at Amazon Fresh. When added recently on the temporary $ 2 wage increase Amazon has done to warehouse workers, it is estimated that Amazon warehouse workers will receive $ 19 an hour with the additional work they will do.

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Speaking to Reuters, the Amazon spokesperson said they offered workers “temporary opportunities” to meet the serious increase in market orders. It is also stated that Amazon has recently started hiring a large number of warehouse workers to meet demand.


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