Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold 1 million shares, profited


Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, which has a market value of $ 1 trillion 600 billion, has sold one million of its shares. After the recent share sales, Bezos’ total profit is estimated to be $ 2.4 billion after taxes.

According to the information released to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Wednesday; Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Inc, sold one million of the company shares. The total value of sales ranging from $ 3,102 to $ 3,183 per share was more than $ 3 billion.

From Amazon to Blue Origin…

Bezos has been selling Amazon shares in recent years to support other ventures. As you may remember, 1.7 billion dollars worth of Amazon shares were sold in February. As it is known, Bezos has a company called Blue Origin, which he personally owns for space tourism and research. Bezos supports this company with the profit it makes from Amazon share sales. The successful businessman decided to sell shares for no less than $ 1 billion each year to fund Blue Origin.

The state has seen huge profits

It is estimated that Bezos’ total profit after the last share sales was $ 2.4 billion, after taxes were reduced. After the enormous profits made by Bezos and other tech giants, the American state began to control these companies more.

In addition to Bezos, CEOs of giant companies such as Facebook, Apple and Alphabet also made statements about the power they gained in the US Congress.

“I had big dreams”

In his keynote speech here, Bezos said, “I am someone born with great wealth. However, I am not talking about monetary wealth. The wealth that a loving family gave me. This family has given me the power to build my dreams with the courage of always wondering. ” he said.

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At the hearing on July 29, Jamie Raskin, the US representative for Maryland’s 8th congressional district, told the CEOs:

“19. There were robbery barons in the century. There are cyber barons in the 21st century. And we want to make sure that this incredible power you have gained is used against formations against democracy and human rights in the world. Not against the free market here… ”

Divorced, gave 4 percent share to his wife

As you may remember, Bezos and his wife MacKenzie Scott were divorced after 25 years of marriage. As a result of the separation, Scott bought a 4 percent stake in Amazon. The current equivalent of this share is 38 billion dollars and this amount makes Scott the 18th richest person in the world.

The richest of Bezos

According to Bloomberg, Bezos is the richest name in the world with a fortune of $ 190 billion. The wealth of Bezos, which still has 54 million shares on Amazon, has increased further with the company’s shares increasing by 73 percent in 2020.


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