Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Donates Australia for $ 1 Million


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Donates Australia for $ 1 Million. Amazon is not silent to the destruction of terrible fires that have killed millions of lives in Australia, and donates $ 1 million to Australia. The Australian people are still trying to heal their wounds.

In Australia, fires in the name of successors have turned the continent into ashes over the past weeks. The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, does not spare his help after these terrible fires in Australia.

In a post on Instagram on Saturday evening, Bezos announced that Australia would make a donation worth $ 1 million (about $ 690,000) to Amazon, which Australia has established to assist in the recovery process following fires. This donation will be used in the work and services in the regions of Australia where it is needed.

A statement published on the company’s official website also includes the following words; “Our hearts; with the lives of all Australian people, people living in the area and wildlife affected by terrible fires. In addition to taking advantage of its unique logistics and innovative technologies, Amazon is also ready to provide assistance in areas where it is needed, with financial support. Amazon is donating $ 1 million to Australia to improve the destruction of natural disasters. ”

Thousands of Australian citizens took to the streets:

The fires that turned the continent into hell turned ash into 25 million acres of Australian land from the day they started in late December and estimated to have killed about 1 billion animals. In addition, 27 people from Australia’s rural communities were killed in the fires.

The reason for the fires is the enormous increase in temperatures and the arid conditions that come with it. Australia experienced the driest spring season in 2019, and December 18, when temperatures exceeded 40 degrees, was recorded as the hottest day in Australian history. Last Friday, thousands of Australian citizens took to the streets and took actions to take more decisive steps towards climate change. During these protests, they demanded the resignation of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

What do you think about this? What should be done to prevent climate change? You can share your thoughts in the comments section.

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